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A Complete Life Makeover

January 3, 2012

This year my personal focus is self-discipline.   As I’ve been partnering with God to discover new ways to apply discipline in my life, I have found that it is indeed something that addresses every area of my life.  It’s turning out to be a complete life makeover with God leading the way.  The point is to maintain consistency with all the new changes and step up some of the existing disciplines I have already learned to implement over the years. 

As the year unfolds, I am sure that the following list will increase and become more defined, but for now here are the areas of my life that I feel God has been encouraging and challenging me to apply consistent self-discipline to:

Physical health and fitness:  On January 16 I will begin a 90 day fitness challenge to apply self-discipline in the area of nutrition and exercise.  The goal is to attain and maintain a healthy body weight.  Today was my first PRE-contest workout with one of the trainers.  Discipline is definitely the word I would use to describe it, difficult and painful at the time, but the hope is that it will produce good results.

Time: Every minute God gives to me is precious, make it count.

Money:  Every cent God has entrusted me with is an opportunity. 

Mind:  Thoughts matter, sometimes they can clutter my mind. I have been given control over my thoughts.  A clear mind helps to tap into the undiscovered creativity in my mind.

Prayer:  Consistent personal prayer and prayer for those the Lord has given me to pray for.

Learning: Remain teachable and consistent in reading, studying, memorizing and writing.

Serving: Life presents daily opportunities to serve and minister to others.  Use my personal gifts or skills to bless others.

Work: Each of us has work to do.  Whatever work I am doing, do it as for God with excellence for Him. 

Writing this list has made it even more clear to me that self-discipline is truly a gift of the Holy Spirit and I am going to need Him and rely on Him consistently that I may accomplish what He has put before me.

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  1. arul tabitha permalink
    January 9, 2015 4:35 am

    I read all of your efforts to stay on course. I am grateful to you. Since you are earnestly following God whatever you have to tell have relevance for me. I too will place my feet on the imprint of your feet which is trying earnestly to please our Maker. Thank you. Thank you for you have set your eyes on things that are on the right hand of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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