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Our Many ‘Stands’ in Life

September 15, 2011

As I was preparing for a Bible study a few weeks ago something different stood out to me in a scripture that I have read many times before…

Matthew 5:14-16

“Your are the light of the world.

A city on a hill can not be hidden.

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.

Instead they put it on its stand. And it give light to everyone in the house.”

The lamp is put on its stand, not just a stand, but very specifically its very own personal stand.

As I pondered this in my own life I began to think of all the many different ‘stands’ or platforms God has given me that are designed to be used to shine His light and hope.

Each area of my life represents another stand or platform.  Wife.  Mom.  Friend.  Daughter.  Sister.  Bible Study teacher.  Mentor. Pastor. Business woman.  community leader.  Blogger.  Even things like my Twitter and Facebook accounts are stands in my life that are meant to be a vessel of the light of God.

Everyone has been given a sphere of influence to be used as a light for others around them.  The encouragement is that though I fall short of His glorious standard,  if I am continually willing to be a vessel of His light and hope, He is able to use even my smallest light to help others see Him.

What are some of your ‘stands’ or platforms to be a light?

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