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The Humbling Reminder

September 12, 2011

I noticed it again today… a very large area on the side bumper of my car that is scratched. 

It’s been there for about four years now.  Over the years there have been many times my vanity has wanted to have the damage repaired.

It’s only cosmetic damage.  Just an eye sore… but a meaningful one.

It reminds me on a regular basis to live in the moment.  To be present throughout the daily moments of my life.

Every time I see these scratches on my car it makes me think about that day. 

A day like so many others in my life, when I was preoccupied with a million other thoughts and concerns rather than living that very moment of my life.

If my mind was present in that moment, I would have taken my time. I would have been patient. 

I would have backed my car out of that tight parking space without causing any damage. 

No one was hurt.  Only my check book, as I paid to repair the scratches on the other person’s car. 

And so I am left with a very humbling and important reminder to be mindful and present in each moment of life. 

Live each one, experience each one, enjoy each one and in the process possibly avoid some unnecessary damage.

Do you have any humbling reminders in your life?


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  1. September 13, 2011 3:49 pm

    Excellent post! I really like the idea of ‘the reminder’ to keep you humble and hungry. What I wonder though, is at what point do you think it’s a reminder that beats yourself up and keeps you down? I don’t think yours is, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes people keep a reminder of a pain or tragedy that keeps them from moving on (i.e. keeping all a deceased person’s items, perhaps a tattoo of an ex, etc.)

    My reminders? Reading tweets from amazing people that chase after God. People like you!

  2. September 13, 2011 4:21 pm

    Excellent point Spence!
    It can be a very fine line between healthy and unhealthy reminders in our life.
    I think we can clearly see the difference if we ask ourselves, “Is this a humbling reminder or a hindering reminder?” Humility is something we all need a lot more of in life and God’s promise is that He will lift the humble. However, hinderances are something that the Bible tells us to throw off everything that hinders so that we can run the race of life mark out for us. And thank you by the way for your encouraging words. I pray all is wonderful and blessed for you and Chelsea!

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