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Are your thoughts taking you where you want to go?

July 14, 2011

Every day.  All the time. Thinking.  

How important are our thoughts?   The thoughts we have today can actually become our actions tomorrow.

Over the last eighteen months I have been on a fitness journey.  Soaking up information about micronutrients, calories, physical activity and working all the new information into my lifestyle.  Through this process I’ve become very aware of the importance of my thoughts.  Changing my old mind sets and patterns of thinking has been just as important to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss as learning about nutrition and exercise.   

The Cycle: Thoughts ~ Emotion ~ Behavior

Thoughts have the ability to stir up emotions which eventually motivates our behavior.  This is especially true with thoughts we have about ourselves.  Positive thoughts about ourselves lead to positive emotions and behaviors.  Likewise, negative thoughts can ultimately lead to negative behaviors.  This becomes a cycle when the behavior provokes a thought and the cycle continues.  Whether this cycle is a positive one   is our choice.  The goal is to break the cycle of negative thoughts – emotion – behavior by turning it into a positive one.

Proverbs 23: 7  “For as he thinks in his heart; so is he.”

Our thoughts are important.  They shape our personal opinion of ourselves.  In many ways we allow our thoughts to define us.  Our thoughts can encourage us to make needed changes and accomplish our dreams or they can hinder us and weigh us down. 

Are your thoughts taking you were you want to go?   If not, you have the power to change them.


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  1. July 14, 2011 8:27 pm

    Powerful truth! It reminds me of the saying, “We can talk ourselves into or out of just about anything.” The discipline of taking every thought captive is a moment-by-moment one but your post reminds me that if we don’t give up we can have victory. Thanks so much for this timely post. God bless you!

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