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Being Katie Lyn’s Mom

March 24, 2011

Years of prayers.

Memories of laughter.

Hugs to comfort her moments of pain.

Inspired by her determination and faith.

Long encouraging talks that I wish would never end.

Cheers from the side lines as I watched in awe of all her talents.

Saying I’m sorry.  Saying I forgive you.

Tears of  joy.  Tears of growing pains.  Tears for the times I couldn’t make it all better.

Trusting God.  Questioning God.  Trusting God again.

Finding my place in the ever-changing seasons of being Katie Lyn’s mom.

Personally challenged by her servant’s heart and love for people.

Letting her go. Watching her grow.  Letting her go again.

Thankful… for everything about her.

Overwhelmed that she is more beautiful inside and out then I could have ever imaged.

From pretty little girl dresses and dress up clothes to a real life wedding gown. 

Getting ready to watch her daddy walk her down the aisle as we give her away to the one her heart has chosen.

Looking forward.  Discovering all the future seasons of being Katie Lyn’s mom.

Me and Katie Lyn at her bridal shower

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  1. merrycooking permalink
    March 24, 2011 5:17 pm

    Sweet. Wonderful. Sad. Hopeful. Knowful. Ecstatic. Invigorating. Exhausting. Trusting. Assurance.
    and of course the letting go……

    so comforting to know it is all in His hands. Celebrating life’s treasured moments with you! Blessing my friend! Merry

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