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Perspective from a Skid Row Bus Ride

July 22, 2010


Recently I was talking with my daughter and her boyfriend.  I was asking them about some of the ministries they are involved in at the Dream Center.  Specifically, the bus ministry.  Every Sunday morning the church buses go into the most challenged areas of Los Angeles to bring people to the church services.  My daughter and her boyfriend have been riding the buses out to skid row to encourage the homeless to come to church.  Every week more  people are getting on the bus to come with them to church.  I was encouraged to hear of the growing number of people getting on the bus,  but they were both sad to see how many of the them are children. 

The face of homelessness has definitely changed on skid row.  With our country’s struggling economy more and more families with children are finding themselves without shelter.  One Sunday morning stuck out in their minds.  A young boy got on the bus, he seemed a little sad.   The boy told them, “It’s been a tough week.”    They asked him, “Why?”    He said, “Usually we can get a spot in the shelter, but we had to sleep on the street three times this week.”   Then without dwelling on the statement he just made, his sadness turned to joy as he started singing songs with the other homeless children on their way to church. 

A ride on a church bus… temporary escape for a young boy living on skid row and a mountain of perspective for me.  I don’t think I will ever say “It’s been a tough week”  without thinking of a homeless child ever again.

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  1. August 19, 2010 7:00 pm

    Beautifully said Danise.

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