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Life Long Love

February 13, 2010


We met in highschool.  He was 17, I was 16.  He was a jock and I was a cheerleader.  That’s how our life long love story began.  Today he is 45 and I am 44.  It’s 28 years later and almost 24 years of marriage.  We have raised 2 beautiful children to adulthood. 

Starting our love story at the tender age of 16 and 17 had its pros and cons.  Most would say that’s too young.  No one could convince us of that.  We grew up together.  We built a life together. We endured trial together.   We have learned. laughed. cried.  We’ve had our ups and downs – through it all we remained together.    It hasn’t always been the easy road but there’s no other road I would have wanted to travel.

Every storm we weather, every success we enjoy makes our love and trust stronger.   

Today we celebrate our 28th Valentine’s Day… I am so much more in love with him today than I was on our first Valentine’s Day. 

To my life long Love and Partner… Happy 28th Valentine’s Day – I Love You So Much!

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