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January 18, 2010




Jeremiah 31:25

I will REFRESH the weary

and SATISFY the faint.




 The only time this scripture is an encouragement to us is when we are truly weary or faint. 

Typically, the moments in my life when I have felt the most weary have not been from being physically tired, but rather because of discouragement. 

Hope is a very powerful thing. 

My son is a cadet at the Air Force Academy.  When he was home for the holidays he told me a saying he heard.

People can survive for 30 days without food –  3 days without water – 3 seconds without HOPE

How true is that statement.  Hope is nourishment.  A necessity. 

Just as our body has to have water, our mind and soul must have HOPE. 

Lack of hope ~ discouragement ~ weary ~ faint ~ quit.

God promises to satisfy and refresh us when we feel weary and faint giving us the strength, the courage and HOPE to keep going.

Having dealt with loss, disappointment, fear I can tell you it is far more satisfying to trust God during those times in our life, than it is to rely on our own strength.  I have done it both ways.  Any attempt I have ever made to find encouragement myself doesn’t compare to the refreshment that God’s perspective can bring.

God has an amazing perspective on life. 

When we trust Him, we begin to see life through, what I like to call “Son Glasses”. 

These “Son Glasses” give us the ability to see life through the hope of God’s Son. 

Slip on your “Son Glasses” today.  See your life through a refreshing and satisfying perspective.

Enjoy Refreshment!

 God’s refreshment works for me. 

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