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There is always Time for I Love You

November 6, 2009

love on hand

Life has a way of teaching us lessons.  It was a just another day in my busy life or so I thought.  It was over twenty years ago now, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  When the phone call came I wasn’t prepared for it.  I was in shock with the news, I couldn’t take it all in at once.  I remember pieces of the conversation; brother… accident… hospital… unconscious.  I rushed to hospital to be at my brother’s side.  I prayed with my family and friends that my brother would recover from his injuries, but he never woke up.  He was fourteen years old with his whole life ahead of him.  

Learning to live with out someone you love is a very difficult and often devastating thing to do. I remember the comfort I experienced from God during my personal time of mourning.  His peace is greater than any greeting card can give.  His comfort went to the depths of my soul and eased the pain of my soul’s cry.  He brought me to a place of quiet reassurance so I could find the strength to go on. 

Death is a part of life.  The longer we live the more we realize how true this is.  We are granted life for an unknown amount of time.  Cherish those you love while you still have them with you.  There is always time for I love you.  Enjoy Life!

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