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Joy is… Seeing Life through the Eyes of a Child

October 31, 2009

lombardi's ranch 029We spent the entire afternoon at a pumpkin patch today.  Together, with friends and their three small children. First, I must tell you this was not your average pumpkin patch.   Lombardi’s Ranch is a local harvest time favorite for families in the area.  We started of our adventure with free pizza, drinks and carving pumpkins (courtesy of  local financial advisor, Chris Ingram).  

We followed that up with a train ride, face painting, meeting some very tired farm animals, walked the sunflower fields of “Scarecrow Ally” and topped it all off with snow cones and stickers.  It is truly amazing to me how happy children are with the simplest of things.  When was the last time you jumped up and down with joy because of a snow cone or a sticker?  When was the last time that any of us broke out and started dancing in front of everyone  just because there was music playing?  

Today, I witnessed pure joy as I caught a glimpse of life through the eyes of a child.   Three to be exact.  Two, amazing 4 year olds and an adorable 2-year-old, taught me a life lesson and reminded me to Enjoy Life.

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