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Encouraging Words from Successful Women

October 29, 2009

As I skimmed  through an issue of SELF magazine, I stumbled on the profiles of the women who were awarded Most Inspiring Women of 2009.  Each of them were asked the same question, What was your most valuable lesson?  Here’s what two of them had to say.  Their answers are both encouraging and challenging at the same time. 

Nancy-BrinkerNancy Brinker, Founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Race for the Cure said, “My mother always told us that when we grew up, it was our job to fix the world.  Every weekend she had a project for us, whether it was the Red Cross or taking food to people.”   Nancy took that lesson to heart after she lost her sister to breast cancer.  Her own personal devastation and grief  motivated her to start a foundation that has now become a global movement.  October is coming to an end and with it the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but the foundation that Nancy Brinker started is committed to this cause year-round and saving the lives of thousands of women.

diane von furstenbergDiane Von Furstenberg, Fashion Design Icon said, “Fear is not an option.  My mother, a Holocaust survivor, taught me that – it was her gift to me.”  Being a woman in business can be brutal at times and the fashion industry is certainly not known for its compassion.  Diane Von Furstenberg achieved the success she enjoys today because she never allowed fear to dictate her decisions.  I think fear is probably the one thing that most commonly stops us from realizing our dreams and goals in life.

Two very different women, with two very different answers.  The common ground for both was their moms

For all you young moms out there, and those of you who hope to one day join the ranks of motherhood… never underestimate the power of  influence you have in your child’s life.  We can learn so much from what these two successful women have done with their mother’s advice, but don’t forget the moms behind them. 🙂


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