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Enjoy Life, even when Money is Stressing you out

October 28, 2009

money stressToday’s uncertain economy can put financial pressure on all of us.  If money is stressing you out… determine to Enjoy Life in spite of cash trouble.  Although, money is important,  it isn’t worth losing our health over, or our relationships or our peace of mind.  Speaking from experience, I admit I have allowed money issues rob me of the simple joys of living life.  I have found that it is possible to actually Enjoy Life in spite of financial burdens. 

1.) Keep the faith:  God desires to help us carry the burdens of this life, especially when they get faith_love_peacetoo heavy.  When anxiety creeps up on us, we need to remember that God told us, “Be anxious for nothing, instead pray.”  Prayer is a wonderful stress reliever.  God is big and He is strong enough to take the load we are carrying right off our back… if  we will let Him.  Holding on to faith in God and prayer is always the best place to start.  However,  it is going to take more than just faith.  We need to remember that it was God who also said, “Faith without works is dead.”

2.) Do your part:  We have to be willing to take responsiblity for our part.  God will be faithful to do His part.  However, if we don’t do our part nothing will change.  Tithing is a biblical principle to give to the Lord’s work.  He only asks for 10 percent, but in return He promises to rain down blessing on your life if we trust Him with the tithe.  We shouldn’t let money problems turn us into selfish people.  generosity is a character quality that is best tested during difficult times.   Additionally,  it is important during stressful times to clearly know what we have the power to change and what is out of our control.  Understanding the difference between the two is a key to unlock peace in the midst of chaos.

jump free3.) Keep a good attitude:  I don’t know if the same is true for you but when I’m in a bad mood, everyone I come in contact with is unfortunately affected by my foul attitude.  It is important to remember that attitude is perspective. My circumstances don’t have to change in order to change my perspective.  Making a choice to improve my outlook on things, changes not only my attitude but my environment.  When I remember to do this, I find that my positive attitudes attract positive things in return.  When I don’t remember to do this, I find myself saying “I’m sorry.” to the ones I love the most; those who I never meant to take my financial burden out on.

4.) Take care of yourself:  We can’t be so consumed with worries about money that we neglect our health.  Eating because of stress will just lead to weight gain; not eating because of stress is an equally unhealthy habit to form.  Getting a good work out at the gym or going on a hike outside is a great stress reliever and it makes me feel healthy.  What kind of activity makes you feel healthy?  Make time for that, especially when you’re stressed out.  We shouldn’t let our health and well-being decline over some bills or financial pressure. 

Let yourself Enjoy Life, even when Money is Stressing you out! 🙂


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