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The Balanced Woman- Mind, Body & Soul

October 23, 2009

balance rocksAs a balanced woman, we must first be willing to take an honest look at the three major areas of our life; Mind, Body and Soul.  We are divinely created with the need to nurture all three of these areas.  We can’t be so overly attentive to our bodies that we neglect the spiritual food our soul is craving.  Likewise, it is equally unhealthy to focus only on spiritual growth and neglect the health of our bodies.  Intelligence is a wonderful attribute, but what good is it to have head knowledge with no heart knowledge?  Focusing time and effort on all three; Mind, Body and Soul gives us a balanced foundation to build upon.  Next, we have to admit to ourselves when we are out of balance.  Denial will never change anything. Acknowledging that we are out of balance, is the beginning of change and we are one step closer to becoming the balanced woman we desire to be.

Acknowledging the need for balance is a big step, however if we don’t back it up with action, our future is not going to look any different from the present.  There’s a saying, “If you want to reach the dream you have for tomorrow, you have to change what you are doing today.”  It’s time to take action.  But, How?  One way to take action is to avoid long-term extremes.  Short term extremes can sometimes be helpful when we are starting a new thing in our life.  Short term extremes kick-start a new change.  Moderation is necessary to maintain the strength needed to finish strong.  Long term extremes lead to burn out.  That is why extreme diets are only successful in the short-term and fail long-term.  Avoiding long-term extremes and embracing moderation is the key.  Defining balance is to take to completely opposite extremes and bring them together, where they meet in the middle, that’s balance.  Too much of either one makes it out of balance.

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